Success Stories
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Physical Rehabilitation

“I want to become a social worker to help my own people in my village,” says 22-year-old Asif

Asif was in good health until the age of five. As he grew up, both his legs started to bend.

Educational Asisstance

“Who says that miracles don’t happen? I am the best proof that miracles do happen. I was once a bitter and quarrelsome girl.....

Educational Asisstance

A Spoken English and Computer Training Student in Residential Care at OEI Chetan was in a road accident....

Hostel Facilities

Saraswati Kuri is a 21-year-old woman who came to OEI seeking assistance after she dropped out of school.

Handicrafts and Training

Ramiza Nazeersab Angadi is a 17 year old from a village called Thimsagar. She lost both her parents within....

Advocacy Outreach

Vimala Mahareddy is 25 years old and suffers from impaired speech and hearing. She has never been to school.
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